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Work Experience Fair   (New) 
Dear WEUSA participants!
We would like to invite you to a mini job fair that will take place at the same time and at the same place with the Camp Fair! One of the rather big US employers will be hiring staff for himself in person. So if you are a WE independent participant and you still can't find the Job Offer - this unique opportunity is for you!
With the new embassy regulations this year it is extremely important to get the Job Offer as early as possible, as your DS-form will not be issued until you offer is verified with the US office. So don't miss your chance to quickly find a decent job and ask your area representative or Moscow office for more information!
2011 January, 31, 11:20 am

Camp Fair in Moscow   (New) 
Dear CCUSA participants!
The Camp Fair, where you can get yourself a placement to camp in an instant is back to Moscow!
It will take place on February 18 in Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya Hotel, Komsomolskaya subway station. If you have just become a participant recently you are eligible for visiting the fair, so please check out our Camp Fair page to find out about the 14 camps attending and contact your area representative or our Moscow office for more information.
Don't miss your chance to get placed in a great camp and have the best summer of your life!
2011 January, 24, 02:26 pm

CCUSA program is open!   (New) 
Dear students!
We are glad to announce that the applications for CCUSA 2011 are open! Please check the footprints and if you are a returnee - login under the last year's password or open a profile if you are a first timer and choose a program! Contact your area representative, if you have any questions!
2010 October, 6, 04:58 pm

New season is open!   (New) 
Dear students!
The new season 2011 is open! The application for Work Experience USA is open, the Camp Counselors application will be open very soon! So please check the program prices and get in touch with your area representative to apply now!
2010 September, 21, 12:29 pm

DS forms and boarding passes   (New) 
Dear participants,
Now when the summer is almost over and many of you are on the way home, we would like to remind you that you need to turn in your DS forms and boarding passes from the return trip to our Moscow office or your area representative, we need them to report that you are home! Hope you are having a great time in the final stage of your stay in the US or enjoying home already! The information on the new season is coming soon, so stay tuned!
2010 September, 8, 05:14 pm

Shop Lifting   (New) 
Dear participants,
It is very sad we have to warn you about things like this, but 3 of our participants RS07057-Stepanchuk , RS07058- Kuznetsova, UV01602-Pasnenko got caught shoplifting got fired from the camp, and had to go to court facing the jail time, that they avoided just barely, had to change their tickets and were immediately sent out of the country. Please bear this in mind that the crime will be punished and you might end up in jail if you commit it. Please stay safe and reasonable for the rest of the summer.
2010 August, 19, 01:27 pm

Return Flight Changes   (New) 
Dear participants!
Many of you start planning the return trip home and some of you will need to change the return flights. In order to do so, please send an email with your request to and include your last and first name, your CCUSA ID and the dates you need, we will assist you!
Have a good rest of the summer!
2010 July, 21, 01:39 pm

Police checks   (New) 
Dear participants!
We would like to remind you that this season all of you, both CCUSA and WEUSA have to provide the police background checks to our office by May 15, so it is time to start applying for it now if you have not done so yet.
2010 April, 6, 10:47 am

WEUSA Program Deadline   (New) 
Dear students,
If you are still in doubts whether or not to take part in the WEUSA program the time to decide is now. The deadline for WE Independent is April 10, so please call your area representative or Moscow office now!
2010 March, 29, 12:42 pm

New information to be read before the visa interview   (New) 
Dear participants!
The embassy of the USA introduces the new requirement for the participants of the W&T programs. You have to read and understand the information at the embassy website Please review this information carefully and make sure you are familiar with it when you go to the embassy, as they may require to confirm that it is known to you at the interview.
2010 January, 28, 11:31 am

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